CPD - Supervision: “The hard ones”

Every babywearing consultant has been to clients who, in one way or the other, were disappointed when we left. Some of them would show or mention it, some of them would just politely say good-bye and leave us with the feeling of something not having gone as well as it should. The workshop aims at looking in detail at a consultation that left us with the impression that we could not live up to our standards and / or expectations. Why was this particular client and / or situation so difficult? What did I not understand at the time? Was it me or the client or both of us?

Claudia gives an introduction to the (psychotherapeutic) concept of transference/countertransference, which is a helpful tool in understanding why communication can go wrong and why we are misperceived by the other, before starting discussing the cases.

For babywearing consultants only. 

Max 8 participants.


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CPD er ment som videreutdanning av bæreveiledere, og er derfor kun åpent for de som har tatt et kurs i bæreveiledning.

To be able to attend a workshop you must have a ticket for the festival, this is purchased from TicketCo. Own workshops tickets must be purchased in addition. Info comes here later. For babywearing consultants only. 


Claudia Watzel

Claudia is a psychologist (Diploma) and psychotherapist-in-training. She is specialising in treatment of mothers and infants. She is a babywearing consultant (Clauwi and TSDD). And she has work experience with psychiatric and psychosomatic patients. She has teaching experience at the Department for Special Needs Education at Humboldt-University, including supervising students during their practical working experience. 

Married. Since the homebirth of her daughter in 2011 sha is engaging in fighting for women’s rights in pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period and against obstetric violence.

Her first encounter with babywearing was while babysitting in her early twenties, and it was love at first sight. So when she got pregnant about 10 years later a woven wrap was one of the first things she bought for the baby. She is still passionate about babywearing and enjoy sharing her love with parents-to-be and parents.